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Ron Harrington Art

In 1973 I saw an incredible piece of art my friend Rick had created and I thought, "Hmmm ... if he can do that and call it art … I can do that". I wasn't being rude or snide ... I was being inspired. This website is a result of that experience.
So, if you don't like what you see ... blame Rick

Studio Tour

A few photos of my studio in Green River, NY

My People

Sculptures made from barn board salvaged when we tore down our old garage, shed and barn. Pieces of new wood were introduced when needed, then paint and polyurethane stain. I added three-dimensional objects where necessary and usually topped it off with a piece of my mom's old jewelry.

Flying Cows and Pigs and a Couple Dogs

Growing up an Illinois farm boy, I have always had an affinity for farm life and farm animals. The flying cows and pigs are an extension of my wood sculptures and are made from barn board, house paint, polyurethane stain and a little glitter.

The Board Room

Most are paintings on shutters built from 1" x 4" pine. Some are painted on some old piece of wood I found lying around. I used house paint for the images and then a coat of polyurethane stain to enhance the color and preserve the wood.


These were painted on whatever surface I found sitting around. Many were painted with acrylics on poster board, sometimes with added textures of salt, sand, cream of wheat or whatever, plus an occasional three-dimensional object. The frames were NYC trash finds painted with white house paint.

The White Trash Collection

Mostly shadow boxes made from 1" X 4" pine and filled with “one man’s junk", all sorts of objects off the NYC streets, plus discarded packaging. It was all painted white then I added a few unpainted objects for that all-important “touch of color".

Early Works

These early works started in the mid '70's. They were mostly created on paper and poster board. I used pencil, acrylics, watercolors, pastels and anything else I had around that made a mark on paper. The styles are all over the place ...